The Delta 

Colouring Ur Dreamz

An Expedition To The Present & Past.....With An Eye Fixed On The Future !

 Adventure Education

Adventure Eduction is revived with adventurous activities such as: Rock Walk, The Burma Bridge, Rappelling,  Zorbing, The Spider Web Bridge, Valley Crossing, Boating, Slithering, Hiking, Trekking, Horse Riding, Camping and many more activities.  




Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education relies on the assumption that learning experiences outdoors in ‘nature’ foster an appreciation of nature, resulting in pro-environmental awareness and action. Outdoor education means learning "in" and "for" the outdoors & imparted through: Nature Walk, Wild-Life Watch, Group Discussions, Slogan Writing, Poster Making, Awareness Camps and many more activities. 



Heritage Education

Heritage Education is embibed by indulging in the following Activities & Interactions: Monumental Visit, Traditional Skills, Participation in Regional Rituals, Heritage Site Visits, Traditional Food, Traditional Dances, Tracitional Singing and many more activities




Appreciation & Rewards

The Certificates will be awarded to: Outstanding Performers in various events & activities and  All the participants.